Are you looking for new sales locations?

Do you want to sell your new product?

Do you want to do a market investigation?

Snap Shop is your ideal partner!

Snap Shop invests in vending machines, manages the machines, gives technical support, guaranties that your product is present and gives you sales reports on a regular base

You are sure that your products will be sold in our machines, without the investment of buying vending machines!

For a small fee, we give you following advantages:

  • No investment in vending machines
  • No technical problems on the field
  • Good cooperation with the distributors
  • Presence and sale of your products
  • Publicity for your products on the vending machines
  • Promotions in the vending machines
  • Testing of new products
  • Exact sales figures per product per vending machine

For any question or request a free estimate contact us

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