Cold drinks

We recommend Necta Zeta 550/9 :

image001Zeta by Necta range is the perfect example of the concept of flexibility.

It may, indeed, distribute a wide range of formats including boxes 0.25 and 0.33 liters, and all the bottles most common.(0,50cl)


In terms of choice, the Zeta range perfectly meets the requirements of the various sites, with no less than three
models with different versions: Zeta 450, 550 and 750

.Flexible distribution

Anti-vandalism security

Design : The special design of the door allows a very fast exchange of lexan.

 It is therefore possible to promote, through the panel change, new drinks, seasonal campaigns or perform any customizations advertising.

Easy loading, installation and maintenance.

Configuration Example  Necta Zeta 550/9 :

  1. duckling 33 cl
  2. duckling 33 cl
  3. duckling 33 cl
  4. duckling 33 cl
  5. duckling 33cl ou 25 cl or bottle 50 cl
  6. duckling 33cl ou 25 cl or bottle 50 cl
  7. duckling 33cl ou 25 cl or bottle 50 cl
  8. duckling 33cl ou 25 cl or bottle 50 cl
  9. duckling 33cl ou 25 cl or bottle 50 cl

  Feel free to read the additional documentation.Boissons fraîches


our conditions :

  • Free repair service through proper use of the device
  • You procure by preference by one of our wholesaler partners
  • Safety first! Our Vending Machine Snap Shop must be protected against weather and vandalism
  • You only sell the products of our sponsors * (non-sponsored product can be sold for compensation of € 150 per column per year)
  • Shipping / Returns: 250€
  • Annual Insurance: 125€
  • Location: 35 € per month
  • The identity card reader can be installed when you sell alcoholic beverages.(supplement)


                                                                      Ice tea                             Jupiler bien frîches

 (*) You have the choice between : Range Ice Tea, Range Coca Cola, Aquarius, Chaudfontaine, Nalu, Burn, SPA, Cecemel, Jupiler, Jupiler Blue, Jupiler Force, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Hoegaarden Rosé, Hoegaarden Citron, Belle-Vue Classic, Belle-Vue Kriek Extra, Leffe brown and Leffe Blond.


For any question or request a free estimate contact us






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