Our conditions :

  • Free repair service through proper use of the device
  • Choosing a profitable location.
  • Provide you with one of our partner authorized wholesaler, or on your own
  • Safety first! Our Vending Machine Snapshot must be protected against weather and vandalism
  • You only sell the products of our sponsors (an unsponsored product can be sold for compensation of € 3 / selection / month)
  • insurance annual: 125€
  • Shipping / Returns: 250€
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Rental price


Type Sélections Contents rent
Snakky Max 36 7 stand Snacks 95€/month
Rondo 40 6 stand Snacks 95€/month



All prices include 21% VAT and technical service is included, according to the terms and conditions.


For any question or request a free estimate contact us



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