Our distributors offer a choice between a hot drink or fraîche.A you to decide which you want


A little sweet tooth, candy? Or hunger strikes? No problem, we have the right distributors

Breads, fresh fruits, fresh produce, ... our distributors are designed to offer your customers fresh at any time of day or night. 

We provide the best material to offer your customers the best coffee! We work with leading brands.

Welcome to the website SnapShop

Snap Shop is a company that is specialized in renting vending machines for already more than 10 years.

It is a unique concept. The advantages for the client are:

  • No investment in the machines
  • Very small rent
  • Delivery of the machine and the technical service is arranged by Snap Shop
  • Insurance
  • Flexibility in every way
  • Choice of the best products on the market with the best buying conditions at the partners of Snap Shop.

Our range is complete: cold drinks, candy, food, bread, sport products and coffee!

Snap Shop doesn’t only rent the vending machines; we also help the operator to make a choice in products and locations. Thanks to our good cooperation with the distributors, we’re able to advise the best products at the best prices.

Snap Shop also sells new and second hand vending machines, sells and repairs coin mechanisms and provides spare parts (Necta-Vendo-Fas-...). Snap Shop has even a technical service for your own vending machines (Necta - Vendo - Fas- ...)!

It continues:

  • Advise de operator in his choice of clients
  • Searching the best location for the vending machine in the building
  • Advise for the best configuration of the vending machine
  • Weekly promotions at the distributors
  • Selling the newest products in de vending machine
  • Advise on the selling price of the products
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